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I know it may sound weird for some of you, but spring just arrived after being to everywhere else. Leaves just start to grow and flowers to bloom.And it will leave before we barely know it is here in a couple of weeks when summer takes the stage. So I think it is safe to say we only have 3 seasons on this side of the world, which is the global-warming-proof side.


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Yesterday was a very beautiful sunset at pitkajarvi. There was not wind what so ever and the water was so still that even my breath was a disturbance. The reflection was AWESOME!! It was simply the most serine and calming scene ever. Too bad these pictures don’t show it all though.

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Today’s post is a very short story of the sky between 8 pm and 10pm today and how the sunset went down( although no sun) . I was gonna tell the story but then I thought, its better that I show it. The pics below explain what happened.

And in conclusion, this harmony of colors in just 2 hours.


I have been experimenting with such technique of focusing out a beautiful background and the results are rather awesome. Even though,  the subject might not be beautiful or doesn’t make sense by it self, the background makes a huge difference on the image. May be that is why they say, when taking a picture, the things to consider according to their priority are: source of light, background and finally the subject. What is your take on this?

Some of the pictures where taken today and the others from archive.



Is it just me or the sunset sky looks new and exiting every single time. I cant stop obsessing over, “How did this happen?”. Nature is sophisticated and beautiful!!


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