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Yesterday was a very beautiful sunset at pitkajarvi. There was not wind what so ever and the water was so still that even my breath was a disturbance. The reflection was AWESOME!! It was simply the most serine and calming scene ever. Too bad these pictures don’t show it all though.

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Today’s post is a very short story of the sky between 8 pm and 10pm today and how the sunset went down( although no sun) . I was gonna tell the story but then I thought, its better that I show it. The pics below explain what happened.

And in conclusion, this harmony of colors in just 2 hours.

Some of the pictures where taken today and the others from archive.

So today is officially Cloud day. Here are some more cloud shots.


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These awesome pictures, a magnificent cloud and halo of the sun were submitted by Mekdes Endale from Ethiopia( very sad she doesnt have a WP account yet) . Great job!

Previously in the series:

Through the lens just turned 1 month.. wow!!.. thank you all for your support and inspiration. It has been a marvelous month. And I think these beautiful scenes where a gift from above for the anniversary. 🙂

The moon on a blue sky

More of the Winpring!!

I am recently noticing rainbow like colors on the sky on a dry day.. Dont know what the phenomenon is, but one of the beautiful gifts of Winpring I guess.


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No signs of spring yet.. the plants are still dried up, no leaves, no flowers and no rain.. But who cares.. the transition period is beautiful too.. the sunlight with the snow still there and the beautiful clouds. And not as cold as before.. so we will be Ok.. take your time Spring..

So this is the third in the Cloud Obsession series. The spring seems to be bringing beautiful clouds.. Happy ‘Cloud season’ for all cloud lovers!!

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Is it just me or the sunset sky looks new and exiting every single time. I cant stop obsessing over, “How did this happen?”. Nature is sophisticated and beautiful!!


In this photo the contrast is between the black line of trees and the sunset orange sky.

And another contrast created by lighting difference between the buildings and the sky.

Above the clouds


It’s raining sunlight

Capturing the sunlight escaping from the clouds.

The moon was gorgeous today. Even played with a corner of a building’s roof to create some PACMOONS. And yeah, I might have photoshoped one of the pics.. not easy to tell which one tho since i did a good job. 🙂

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