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Pitkäjärvi in finnish language means long lake( translated directly) and it has a length of 4.9 km and a maximum width of approximately 850 meters. Here are some pictures of the lake remaining from last nights sunset shot. I think the lake deserves a separate post since it is the nearest to where I like and I took so many pics of it through the years.


Some of the pictures where taken today and the others from archive.




A sunny snowy day.


More of the Winpring!!

I am recently noticing rainbow like colors on the sky on a dry day.. Dont know what the phenomenon is, but one of the beautiful gifts of Winpring I guess.


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Through the woods, the lake through the trees and through the field.


No signs of spring yet.. the plants are still dried up, no leaves, no flowers and no rain.. But who cares.. the transition period is beautiful too.. the sunlight with the snow still there and the beautiful clouds. And not as cold as before.. so we will be Ok.. take your time Spring..

Still waters run deep



Black trees

All Green Everything

Sun rise on a beautiful morning


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