Blogging has been a totally new and exiting experience for me in the past few weeks and liked it so much so I almost totally abandoned facebook. I spend a lot of time going through deeply inspiring posts of other people I was following since the beginning, like Terri O.A. ( ) and got totally immersed into it that it feels like it has been ages.. and now that my inspiration thinks that I am inspiring too really means a lot and thank you very much Terri for the award.

To put it in pictures

This was how far my vision and aim was before.

And now am inspired to see all the way to the top. This picture simply represents inspiration to me.

So thank you Terri and all my other followers for inspiring me a lot and make me want to do more….. πŸ™‚

So for the rules of the award, I have to state se7en things about my self and give the award to se7en other fellow bloggers..

Se7en things about me, (almost the same as I have listed for my earlier award and with little modification)

  • If I can do anything for 10 minutes, my biggest wish is to see the world through someone else’s eye
  • Currently studying Computer Engineering and about to graduate
  • So my first passion is computers and that is what I do professionally..Β  No offense Photography
  • I developed enthusiasm for photography as recent as 3 years and still an amateur
  • I like cars and would kill to work as a mechanic some day
  • love to travel
  • have a lot of friends, so I guess I am friendly

Then I would like to give the award, Firstly at No. 0 ..with no doubt to my followers and the ones that I am following.. That was all the inspiration for me.. And since I have to choose 7 bloggers, these are the ones that stand out and did a great job on their blogs.

Keep up the good work!!