What now?!?! An Award? *deep-breath* .. Okey first of all Thank you a billion Namita… It really means a lot and you really made my day.  I’ve only started blogging 12 days ago and the type of response I get from you guys has been overwhelmingly motivational and the experience has been very exciting like i never felt before.. really.. but this.. an award.. I have seen people getting it in my short days and didn’t even thought I would get it.. at least not this soon.. It was way over the top and almost a pinch-me-am-I-sleeping moment.. so thanks again Namita!!!

So the rules now…

1. Thank the person who gave you this award. ✔check

2. List 10 bloggers to pass on the award.

these are the blogs I chose to pass this award to ..

You guys where inspirational.. 🙂

3. List 7 things about yourself

Se7en things about me:

  • Currently studying Computer Engineering and about to graduate
  • So my first passion is computers and that is what I do professionally..  No offense Photography
  • I developed enthusiasm for photography as recent as 3 years and still an amateur
  • I like cars and would kill to work as a mechanic some day
  • love to travel
  • very excited to learn and discover new stuff
  • have a lot of friends, so I guess I am friendly

*looong exhale**